Attending #UKOUG_LME16? It’s next week!





Next week, I will be attending the inaugural UKOUG Licence Management Event 2016 (#UKOUG_LME16) on the 15th March in London at the Kensington Close Hotel.

This feels a lot like how I remember my first CloudExpo in London, 4 years ago now, it was a little “rough around the edges”, at the same time, it felt like we were all still learning what cloud computing could become, much less about marketing.

In this age of automation, it’s not enough just to count CPU sockets/cores that I need to make sure I am fully licensed for; I also want to know when my DBA has inadvertently enabled a feature we don’t pay for, therefore are not licensed to use.

I am optimistic bringing together a lot of folks interested to understand and improve what we know about Oracle Licence Management is an outstanding idea. In the longer term, with our support, I believe it can even help elevate the conversation to a new level by making Software Asset Management more accessible to everyone.

For sure there will be animated discussions around Oracle Audit challenges. Let’s not forget, while Oracle is in the business of selling software licenses, it is our responsibility to make sure we are correctly licensed for the software we use.

At #UKOUG_LME16, I will be engaging with as many exhibitors, presenters and attendees as possible to help move the conversation forward on the following:

  • What simple methods should be used when virtualizing Oracle servers?
  • What solutions are available to help monitor Oracle license usage?
  • How can I prevent or at least detect usage of unlicensed features?

Hope to see you there, I have been looking forward to this event since it was first announced, will do my best to share experiences on Twitter, feel free to follow me, the hashtag #UKOUG_LME16, or both. You can find the Agenda here.

Yours truly, Peter Herdman-Grant



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