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You can do “Hello World” on OSX using Kubernetes for Container Orchestration?

Recently, I was inspired to update my LinkedIn professional headline to truly reflect how I see myself. After a couple of iterations, considering where my strengths are, what I want to do and having just moved to Berlin, Germany; I came up with “curious problem solver with a liking for automation seeks new IT implementation challenges in Berlin”.

On that very same day, I caught this tweet from Mirantis IT – according to their website, Mirantis delivers all the software, services, training, and support needed for running OpenStack.


I had first heard about Kubernetes at a very engaging Orchestrating Cloud Native Apps presentation by VMware’s Kit Colbert at VMworld 2014 in Barcelona. That was about spinning up app containers, only two years later we’re talking about orchestrating complete virtual infrastructure


Mirantis Collaborates with Intel and Google to Enable OpenStack on Kubernetes


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